Answers to your questions
Q: Do I have to have a bank account?

A: No, we do not require a bank account. We are not a payday lender and our loans are less costly.

Q: Do you have to run a credit report?

A: Because your credit history is one part of our loan approval process, it is necessary for us to run a credit report.

Q: How much money do I have to make to qualify for a loan?

A: There is not always an income level requirement, however, we do not want to burden you with a payment you cannot afford to make.

Q: What if I have had credit problems in the past?

A: We consider multiple factors when determining your loan approval. Our team members will get to know your situation and do everything we can to help you meet your financial needs.

Q: My application was turned down. How do I find out the reasons for this decision?

A: If your application was turned down, you will receive a letter by email or physical mail explaining the reasons behind the decision. You can also contact the branch location that processed your application for an explanation.

Q: What kind of collateral do you require to secure my loan?

A: The good news is American Finance does not require any security to obtain a loan. All our loans are unsecured.

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